Lina Behrens is the Managing Director of Flying Health, the leading ecosystem for Next Generation Healthcare and spends her days guiding industry leaders and digital health entrepreneurs as they explore and create tomorrow’s healthcare together. Beyond her daily work at Flying Health, Lina is a passionate advocate for female leadership and female entrepreneurship. She is  a Vice President of the German Startup Association where she aims to create lasting impact to attract more women into starting and leading businesses.

Lina’s expertise and passion lies in applying private sector approaches to tackle social problems. With her background in economics and having spent a lot of time abroad for company builders, corporates and digital health startups, Lina brings a unique perspective to her work and has experienced firsthand how digital tools can make a difference in healthcare.

In our interview Lina and Femtech Insider founder Kathrin Folkendt talk about ways in which corporate organizations and startups can collaborate to make a difference in healthcare and what they can learn from each other. Lina also shares which trends she currently sees in digital health but also specifically in Germany where a lot of new policies have recently been announced to support reimbursement of digital health solutions.

Listen in and we hope you enjoy our latest Femtech TV video!

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