LifeNome, a US-based precision health company has partnered with LG, having been selected as one of only four digital health startups from a cohort of 1500 startups competing for the LG NOVA partnership ecosystem. This partnership aims to leverage cutting-edge genomics and artificial intelligence technology to revolutionize maternal health.

Together the companies have launched nine.moons, a platform offering personalized nutritional assessments and recommendations using DNA and/or microbiome analysis, personalized fitness programs, live chat with maternal wellbeing counselors, real-time maternal health monitoring using devices, and the ability to integrate with telehealth solutions.

LifeNome has also developed the a combined genetics and lifestyle-based risk screening panel for gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, and soon, post-partum depression. While not a diagnostic test, this early risk screening capability for these three major risks to mothers’ health and wellbeing allows physicians and expecting mothers to take preventive lifestyle change action early in the pregnancy to reduce the potential risk of onset of these conditions during and after the pregnancy. The screening tests would require a swab testing kit that could be used by planning or expecting parents at home or in the doctor’s office. The report would be shared and discussed only through a physician, who would also provide potential lifestyle change and active monitoring recommendations based on the risk assessment results.

Dr. Ali Mostashari, LifeNome’s CEO, shares: “The ability to take preventive action in the form of lifestyle changes and/or active monitoring for these conditions which together affect more than 50% of pregnancies, is critical to reduce maternal morbidity and in some cases mortality.”

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