Joylux, the creator of intimate health devices and products for menopausal women has acquired Mommy Matters, a social-impact brand created by leading OB-GYN Dr. Tara Shirazian, to address unmet needs in maternal health. Leveraging Joylux’s proprietary platform of red-light vaginal care devices and digital tools, Mommy Matters will offer a range of high-tech solutions that empower women to optimize their postpartum health and recovery with comfort, style, and much-needed healing and support. Dr. Shirazian will join the Joylux team as a strategic advisor.

Joylux CEO Colette Courtion stated, “The postpartum products available today are from our grandmother’s era and no longer meet the needs of today’s modern moms. By combining our patented award-winning, light-based technology with Mommy Matters’ inventive products and Dr. Shirazian’s partnership, we can quickly and effectively improve the lives of new moms, while building a world-class postpartum brand.”

Dr. Shirazian added, “I’m excited to be working with the brilliant Joylux team as they enter the postpartum health and wellness space. As an Ob-Gyn with decades dedicated to research and education in the field of maternal morbidity and mortality, as well as a mother of two, I know how underserved this market is. Joylux has a history of innovation in women’s health, and we are equally passionate about serving women.”

Joylux will donate a portion of Mommy Matters’ net proceeds to support the nonprofit Saving Mothers. On average, one woman or girl dies due to complications from childbirth every two minutes. Seventy-five percent of these deaths could be prevented with access to low-cost basic sexual and reproductive healthcare. Saving Mothers is focused on eradicating preventable maternal deaths and reversing the inequities in maternal healthcare.

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