Healthcare company Included Health has unveiled its latest innovation: the Specialty Care Clinic. This novel clinic model aims to swiftly connect individuals with expert medical opinions, primary care, mental health support, and navigation services, specifically targeting specialty care needs, including menopause-related health concerns.

The San Francisco-based company has identified a critical gap in the healthcare landscape concerning specialty care access, particularly for conditions like menopause and other prevalent and costly health issues. With diseases and conditions like cancer and metabolic health challenges significantly impacting quality of life and incurring substantial healthcare costs, there is a pressing need for comprehensive and accessible care solutions. Included Health’s Specialty Care Clinic seeks to address these challenges head-on. By offering end-to-end care access, guidance, and advocacy, the clinic aims to streamline specialty care journeys and improve outcomes for individuals and employers nationwide.

“There’s a glaring absence of solutions that cater to the full needs of individuals and families throughout what are often long, complicated specialty care journeys. It is our time to advance patient-centered specialty care,” said Owen Tripp, chief executive officer and founder of Included Health. “We’ve long known that to truly impact both the cost and quality of care, we must guide people towards the best care paths and support them in an integrated, personalized way. We’re excited to do this for people and for employers, both of whom are overwhelmed with an excess of point solutions and with the repercussions of the fragmentation across the specialty care continuum.”

With over a decade of experience in connecting millions of individuals with qualified specialists nationwide, Included Health now wants to deliver virtual-first specialty care beyond traditional geographical barriers. The Specialty Care Clinic promises specialist appointments in under seven days, in-home support for medical prescriptions, diagnostics, and monitoring, and personalized care plans addressing physical and mental health needs.

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