In a move within the home-testing healthcare market, imaware has announced the acquisition of binx health’s at-home consumer testing business. This acquisition marks a notable expansion in imaware’s operational scope, particularly in the field of sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, an area where STIs are increasingly reported in the USA.

The acquisition combines imaware’s digital health platform, which specializes in home-testing for healthcare brands, with binx health’s consumer testing business, renowned for its molecular diagnostics. The merger is set to bolster imaware’s position in the home-health testing market and increase its enterprise client base. However, it’s important to note that binx health will continue to develop its point-of-care molecular diagnostics business independently of this transaction.

binx health, since its inception in 2017, has achieved significant milestones, delivering millions of tests, engaging with hundreds of business partners, and generating substantial revenue. Conversely, imaware, founded a year later in 2018, has offered a wide range of home testing options for various stakeholders including employers, health systems, and direct consumers.

Jeff Luber, CEO and Founder of the binx health consumer division, commented on the acquisition, stating, “It’s gratifying to see so many people who now have expanded access to testing from home through unique digital health offerings and advanced logistics.” He also emphasized binx’s ongoing commitment to their point-of-care molecular division and expressed confidence in imaware’s capabilities to further develop the digital health at-home business.

Adding to this, Jani Tuomi, Co-founder of imaware, highlighted the company’s commitment to scientific excellence and their ambition to match the results of gold standard testing methods. “We are excited to work with the binx team to acquire their top quality consumer testing business, grow this business, and expand the depth of tests we offer their clients,” Tuomi said, underlining the strategic fit of binx’s business with imaware’s growth plans.

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