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Hopelab, a leading social innovation lab and impact investor helping advance a new generation of mental health entrepreneurs has made investments into Brave Health, Caraway HealthInStride, MindRight Health and violet. With these latest additions to its portfolio, Hopelab provides $1.5M in funding to help diversify care in the youth mental health space and improve the well-being of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ young people.

“Today’s young people experience compounding stress like never before, and this is where our partnerships can make a real impact,” said Erin Sietstra, Head of Investments at Hopelab. “We’re constantly striving to improve youth mental health and well-being, especially among LGBTQ+ and BIPOC young people, and investing in new digital solutions led by entrepreneurs who personally understand the gaps in health care will foster better well-being for this generation and the generations to come.”

Underserved populations have been systematically excluded from U.S. investment portfolios for far too long, perpetuating the cycle of racial inequities and health disparities. Hopelab is dedicated to breaking this cycle and improving and scaling impact, innovation and entrepreneurship to meet the mental health needs of all young people – with a particular focus on BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other underserved groups, by investing in historically marginalized entrepreneurs.

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