hey freya Co-founders Helkin Berg, Thara Vayali & Cecilia Tse. Image: hey freya

hey freya, a company dedicated to advancing women’s wellness, has recently completed a $500K Angel funding round led by Goddess Fun+d along with participation from other aligned investors and family offices.

Founded in 2022 by Helkin Berg, Cecilia Tse, and Thara Vayali, hey freya has set its sights on offering a comprehensive solution to women’s top health concerns. Their solution encompasses at-home lab testing, naturopathic care, and personalized wellness products. All products by hey freya are 100% plant-based and specially formulated by women physicians to meet the unique health requirements of women. Their offerings include multivitamins with added stress and anxiety support, daily adaptogenic supplements, and sleep support supplements that do not contain hormones like melatonin.

The recent funding will enable hey freya to initiate clinical trials and broaden its product range. This includes the introduction of an antioxidant-rich hydration mix named Quench and an anti-anxiety supplement, Calm. Furthermore, the company is collaborating with Northeastern University on machine learning research focusing on cortisol—a key stress hormone—and its impact on women’s health.

“This raise has underscored that even against the backdrop of the current market, there is an incredible appetite for a new solution created by women, for women,” said Helkin Berg, Co-founder and CEO of hey freya. “We’re honored to be trusted with this undertaking and these funds will help us get to the next phase of our mission.”

“hey freya’s mission and team aligns so well with our own experiences and purpose,” said Vanessa Loder, Co-founder of Goddess Fun+d. “We’re thrilled to support the revolutionary progress they’re making in women’s health to take the burden off of women by offering accessible, evidence-backed, health and wellness solutions.”

hey freya’s journey is marked by a commitment to community and inclusivity. Recognizing the challenges faced by women and underrepresented individuals in accessing quality healthcare, the company set out to build an authentic community. This includes actively engaging first-time investors to break down barriers around startup success and exceeding their goal of involving a diverse group of investors.

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