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Reproductive and gynecological health has often been a subject surrounded by societal taboos, misconceptions, and general lack of awareness. Despite this, statistical data reveals that approximately one in three individuals will experience a reproductive or gynecological health issue at some stage in their lives. The need for reliable, accessible, and comprehensive healthcare solutions is evident and in my search for such a solution I chose to take the Hertility Health Hormone & Fertility test to get some answers about my own hormone health and fertility.

Today I want to take the opportunity to share my insights and experience with you. My goal was to learn more about my fertility. I also happen to have PCOS, which was considered in the testing experience.

Background of Hertility Health

Founded with a mission to address the glaring gaps in women’s reproductive healthcare, Hertility Health emerged as a pioneering force in the healthtech and femtech sector in the UK a few years ago. The team behind the company comprises multidisciplinary experts—from scientists and gynecologists to data analysts and patient advocates. Together, they aim to combine the best of scientific research with practical applications, creating tailored healthcare solutions that empower individuals to understand and manage their reproductive and hormonal health better. Their signature product is the At-home Hormone & Fertility Test help to:

  • Identify ovarian reserve and warning signs of infertility
  • Screen for up to 18 conditions related to reproductive health
  • Get fast referrals to vetted partners and clinics for treatment.

Who is Hertility For?

Hertility Health services are designed to benefit a broad spectrum of individuals. Whether you are actively trying to conceive, investigating potential hormonal imbalances, or seeking preliminary screenings for conditions related to your reproductive heatlh, Hertility Health’s at-home tests offer a convenient starting point. Their services are particularly beneficial for those who prefer the privacy and convenience of starting their healthcare journey from home.

How does Hertility work?

As mentioned Hertility’s at-home Hormone and Fertility test is a simple and convenient way to get insights into your reproductive health. The test measures 10 key hormones that are important for fertility, including FSH, LH, AMH, and progesterone.

The Testing Process

When it comes to testing, Hertility Health simplifies the experience without compromising on comprehensiveness. The first step involves ordering an at-home testing kit online. Each kit comes with an accompanying online health assessment questionnaire designed to capture essential information regarding your medical history, lifestyle factors, and specific health concerns. After the kit arrives, users follow the instructions to collect a fingertip blood sample using a lancet and a specialized collection device. This sample is securely packaged and sent back to Hertility Health’s accredited labs for detailed analysis. Results are usually available within a 10-day window and can be accessed online.

Hertility Health Hormone & Fertility Test Sample Collection. Image: Femtech Insider

The Hertility Hormone & Fertility Test: What to Expect

The Hertility Hormone & Fertility Test is a comprehensive test that can provide you with valuable insights into your reproductive health. Here are some of the things you can expect from the test:

  • A detailed report of your hormone levels
  • Information about the potential conditions that your hormone levels may indicate
  • Recommendations for next steps, such as seeing a doctor or making lifestyle changes
  • Access to a network of fertility specialists, including gynecologists, nutritionists, and counselors

What Can I Learn When Taking the Hertility Hormone & Fertility Test?

If you’re considering testing your hormones using a Hertility Hormone & Fertility Test you may be wondering whether it can help answer the questions you have about your health.

Does Hertility Test for Fertility?

Yes, Hertility Health’s core offering revolves around hormone and fertility testing. The test measures key hormones like Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH), and progesterone, which are critical indicators of fertility. These hormone levels can provide insights into ovarian reserve, menstrual cycle phases, and other aspects of reproductive health that are essential for fertility. By offering a comprehensive view of these critical hormones, Hertility Health provides valuable information for those looking to understand their fertility status. However, it’s important to note that while the test can offer significant insights, it is not a substitute for a full fertility evaluation, which may include other tests and imaging studies conducted by healthcare providers.

Does Hertility Test for Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is traditionally diagnosed through methods like laparoscopy. Although Hertility Health cannot definitively diagnose endometriosis through a blood test, it does screen for hormone levels and markers that could be indicative of the condition.

Does Hertility Test for PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is another condition that cannot be definitively diagnosed through blood tests alone. However, Hertility Health screens for relevant hormones such as Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), and Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH). Elevated or imbalanced levels of these hormones may suggest the presence of PCOS, serving as a catalyst for further diagnostic procedures like ultrasound scans and consultations with specialists.

Does Hertility Test for Menopause or Perimenopause?

The transition into menopause or perimenopause often involves significant hormonal shifts. Hertility is currently working on an at-home menopause test, which will hopefully be available soon.

When Should I Take the Hertility Test?

The optimal timing for taking a Hertility Health Hormone & Fertility test can vary depending on individual circumstances and healthcare goals. Those who are trying to conceive may find it beneficial to take the test during the family planning stage, while others might use it to investigate symptoms or irregularities they are experiencing. Consulting with a healthcare provider can offer additional guidance regarding when the test would be most beneficial, especially when dealing with specific medical conditions or symptoms.

If you already purchased a Hertility Health test and are wondering when to test, here is some guidance:

  • Test any day if you’re on hormonal contraception, have irregular periods more than 2 months apart or have not periods at all.
  • Test on day 3 of your cycle if you have regular periods or irregular periods less than 2 months apart.

Cost and Insurance: How Much Is the Hertility Hormone & Fertility Test?

Financial considerations are often a crucial factor in healthcare decisions. The Hertility Hormone & Fertility Test is currently priced at £149, which includes the cost of the test kit, the accompanying online health assessment, and the laboratory analysis of your blood sample. While the test is currently not covered by insurance, Hertility Health offers flexible payment plans to make their services more accessible.

Additional services like consultation with fertility specialist can also be booked directly through Hertility Health. I went ahead and booked a consultation with a fertility nurse, who took the time to walk me through my results and made recommendations on how to best approach my TTC journey. The appointment cost £39 and I booked it together with my Hertility Health Hormone & Fertility test.

So… Is the Hertility Health Hormone & Fertility Test Worth It?

Reproductive health is a complex issue that involves a myriad of factors, including hormonal balances, potential conditions, and individual lifestyle choices. All of this can be quite confusing especially when you’re only getting started on your TTC journey or are new to the world of hormones and (in)fertility. Companies like Hertility Health are contributing to a paradigm shift in how we approach, understand, and manage this crucial aspect of healthcare and are helping put us patients in the driver seat.

Having taken their test myself I can say that it can feel quite empowering to finally take charge and take a big step towards better understanding one’s own body and hormones. Hertility Health’s comprehensive testing options, grounded in scientific rigor, offer a valuable starting point for individuals. The tests should be seen as a component of a broader healthcare strategy, complemented by regular consultations with qualified healthcare providers for a holistic understanding of one’s reproductive and hormonal health.

For me taking the Hertility Health Hormone & Fertility Test was well worth it and I was happy with the overall experience and new insights I gained.

Learn more or purchase the Hertiliy Health Hormone & Fertility test today!

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