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Tower Capital Group, a Generational Health platform and fund, has taken a bold step towards advancing women’s health on a global scale. In a recent announcement, the company revealed its expanded partnership with The World Economic Forum’s Centre for Health and Healthcare to sponsor a new initiative: the Global Women’s Health Responsible Investment Consortium.

Tower Capital Group operates at the intersection of various industries, regions, and partners, deploying expertise and capital to uncover economic value and innovation within Generational Health. This initiative signifies a concerted effort to address the complex interplay of genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors that shape humanity’s evolutionary trajectory. The move also underscores Tower Capital’s commitment to fostering innovation in women’s health, recognizing it as a crucial component of Generational Health—a trillion-dollar category pivotal to global well-being and competitiveness. By supporting this consortium, Tower Capital aims to channel responsible and sustainable funding towards addressing the pressing needs in women’s health innovation worldwide.

The Global Women’s Health Responsible Investment Consortium serves a dual purpose: to unite global investors and innovators in advancing women’s health outcomes and to accelerate the funding and development of select innovative solutions. Leveraging the platform provided by The World Economic Forum and the Global Alliance for Women’s Health, the consortium seeks to curate investment outcomes and amplify Tower Capital’s network of over 1000 innovators.

“There is nothing more important than actualizing innovation and scientific breakthroughs for women, to ensure Generational Health”, says Sanskriti Thakur, TOWER CAPITAL GROUP Founder and Chairwoman.

“In collaboration with TOWER CAPITAL, we are delighted to launch the First Global Responsible Investment Consortium for Women’s Health. Together, let’s bridge the funding gap and unlock innovation for better health outcomes for all women”, adds Shyam Bishen, Head, Centre for Health & Healthcare, The World Economic Forum.

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