Heranova Lifesciences has announced the completion of a $13.5M seed and seed+ financing round to develop and offer integrated women’s health solutions. The fresh funds will go towards the launch of non-invasive endometriosis tests and advance two innovative (non-hormonal and non-antibiotic) therapeutic programs for endometriosis and bacterial vaginosis. Institutional investors including Pivotal bioVenture Partners China, Sinovation Ventures, Emerging Technology Partners, and Triwise Capital have participated in the round.

Headquartered in Boston and with a presence in Asia, Heranova was founded in 2022 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and executives, backed by a world-class Scientific Advisory Board. The company’s mission is to address unmet healthcare needs by providing internally developed and externally partnered diagnostics, drugs, and devices, with a focus on delivering integrated care solutions for women’s health, especially in the areas of endometriosis and bacterial vaginosis.

“Despite the fact that women play a critical role in modern societies and economy, the awareness and solutions for their critical health issues are largely under-recognized and outdated,” said Dr. Jonathan Y. Zhao, co-founder and CEO of Heranova. “As a global Women’s Health company, Heranova was founded with a mission to challenge this status quo by taking a holistic approach so that we could enable women to live their better lives.”

“Endometriosis, for example, is a highly prevalent and debilitating women’s disease with large diagnostic and treatment unmet needs. 176 million endometriosis patients worldwide are suffering from excessive pain, abnormal menstrual bleeding, and infertility,” said Dr. Hugh Taylor, Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Yale New Haven Hospital, and member of Heranova’s Scientific Advisory Board. “Unfortunately, the diagnosis of endometriosis today is often delayed by 8-12 years on average. We are excited to see that Heranova is committed to bringing innovative solutions to address this care gap.”  

“Having access to convenient and reliable diagnostic tests will be a key milestone in the overall management of endometriosis and other women’s diseases,” said Dr. Farideh Bischoff, the Chief Diagnostic Medical Officer at Heranova. “The diagnostic products developed by our R&D team have received endorsement from global leading KOLs as they may help to significantly shorten the time from disease onset to diagnosis and subsequent treatment. To provide an integrated solution, we are also developing first-in-class, non-hormonal therapeutic programs for endometriosis.”

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