HealthLynked, a global healthcare network focused on care management of its members and a provider of healthcare technologies that connects doctors, patients and medical data, today announced that it has expanded its women’s health services with the addition of two new healthcare providers, new updates to its women’s healthcare app Oohvie, and the planned launch of its own telemedicine service in March, 2021.

HealthLynked has added two new women’s healthcare providers to the clinical staff in preparation for the expansion of its women’s healthcare services. Dr. Charles Adamczyk, M.D. graduated from Loyola University in Chicago summa cum laude with a BS degree in Chemistry.  He received his MD degree from Loyola University, Stritch School of Medicine graduating Magna Cum laude and went on to complete his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology from University of Chicago Hospitals in 1997.  Dr. Adamczyk was a clinical associate from 2006 to 2020 at the University of Chicago and Clinical instructor at the University of Illinois, Chicago from 2010 to 2020. Deanna Hobby, ARNP, is a Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in women’s healthcare. She graduated from Emory University’s women’s healthcare program in 1997. Ms. Hobby specializes in well woman exams, contraceptive, and menopausal management.

In October 2020, HealthLynked launched its proprietary women’s healthcare menstrual tracking app, Oohvie. HealthLynked has been developing innovative ways to improve healthcare for women around the world. A key indicator of a woman’s health is the frequency and quality of her menstrual cycle. Keeping track of a woman’s menstrual cycle along with the other key healthcare metrics can detect early signs of a wide range of medical conditions. The updated Oohvie app features redesigned private chat and women’s healthcare forums that are visually engaging and more intuitive to use and allow members to easily connect and privately share valuable healthcare insights. The app also is integrated with the core HealthLynked Network so menstrual data can be shared with the healthcare providers they choose. A new healthcare metrics page provides a summary of prior months’ cycle length, menstruation, and symptoms throughout the course of each month.

HealthLynked plans to launch its own telemedicine service in March of this year. The service will initially be focused on women’s health services. Women often seek medical care for recurring problems such as yeast infections, vaginal discharge, irregular menstrual cycles, birth control, painful periods, and abdominal pain. Healthcare providers can more effectively monitor and manage these conditions through HealthLynked Telemedicine using patient specific information available from Oohvie and the HealthLynked Network.

Dr. Michael Dent, Chief Executive Officer of HealthLynked stated, “There has not been a focus on women’s telemedicine services and there is a large unmet need to provide this service to women. Many healthcare issues that women face can be managed via telemedicine visits and our technology allows for the efficient exchange of information to assure healthcare providers have the information they need to effectively diagnosis and treat patients using our services. HealthLynked Telemedicine will service our patient members in Florida and we expect to rapidly expand to other areas to provide a comprehensive service offering to women including direct to consumer labs, birth control, prescription services and routine screening.”

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