Ireland’s first Femtech Innovation Call, organized by Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI), has culminated in the selection of 11 promising startups focused on improving women’s healthcare. This initiative is an advancement in the country’s commitment to women’s health innovations, addressing a range of areas from fertility and menopause to fitness and chronic conditions like Parkinson’s in women.

The 11 Winning Startups and Their Innovations

  1. AltaScience: This company is developing a femtech medical device dedicated to permanent contraception, offering new choices in family planning. Learn more
  2. Amara Therapeutics: A digital therapeutics firm, Amara Therapeutics is changing the delivery of pelvic healthcare with their innovative approach. Learn more
  3. AURIN: Originating from University of Galway and University College Dublin, AURIN is working on a device to alleviate severe menopause symptoms, providing relief to countless women. Learn more
  4. AVeta Medical: As a femtech medical device company, AVeta Medical is focusing on revolutionizing the treatment of vaginal atrophy, a common but often overlooked issue. Learn more
  5. identifyHer: This company is centered on detecting and tracking menopausal symptoms, offering women insights and management tools for this significant life stage. Learn more
  6. My Moves Matter: Focusing on women with Parkinson’s Disease, My Moves Matter is addressing the unique health and wellbeing challenges faced by this group. Learn more
  7. OnaWave Medical: OnaWave Medical is a medtech company improving the diagnosis and treatment of various pelvic conditions, enhancing women’s healthcare in this vital area. Learn more
  8. PPR Healthcare: PPR Healthcare develops products aimed at supporting mothers in the postpartum recovery process. Learn more
  9. SAOR Health: Prioritizing safety for women during exercise, SAOR Health is addressing the critical need for fitness solutions tailored to women’s health. Learn more
  10. The Menopause Hub: This initiative focuses on education and empowerment, helping women navigate menopause both at home and in the workplace. Learn more
  11. VOX-AI: Leveraging AI-driven technology, Vox-AI uses advanced spoken word bots and avatars, bringing innovative solutions to the femtech space. Learn more

These startups were chosen from a pool of 37 applicants based on their novelty, significance, market potential, and potential for future investment. Notably, 5 of the 11 winning startups are considered ‘deep tech’, and 73% of the total applicants had female founders, reflecting a strong female presence in the femtech innovation scene.

What’s Next?

The femtech sector is gaining momentum globally. In 2023, President Biden introduced the White House Initiative on Women’s Health, and tech leaders like Werner Vogels of Amazon have predicted rapid growth in the femtech sector, backed by advancements in technology and data. Ireland wants to actively contribute to this trend, with public health initiatives such as free contraception, VAT exemption on HRT, public fertility and specialist menopause clinics, and effective cancer screening programs. Supported by active research institutions and an informed female population, Ireland is gearing up to become a key player in the global femtech landscape.

The Femtech Innovation Call by HIHI demonstrates Ireland’s commitment to nurturing early-stage femtech innovations and wants to provide a platform for startups to develop and bring their solutions to market. These initiatives are timely and crucial for addressing the historically underfunded area of women’s health research and investment. Receiving support ranging from product development to mentorship, these companies are not only contributing to the Irish healthcare system but also setting a precedent for future femtech advancements worldwide. The success of the HIHI Femtech program underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between the government, healthcare institutions, and private sectors in fostering innovation. Ireland’s proactive stance in supporting women’s health initiatives is hopefully setting a standard for other countries to follow, highlighting the critical role of national policies and programs in shaping a healthier future for women.

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