Guided by Glow, a new sexual wellness company focused on sophisticated auditory sensory stimulation has launched its erotic app for Android and Apple devices. Guided by Glow seeks to elevate sexual wellness through guided meditation soundscapes designed to ignite the imagination.  Where other erotic audio apps focus on sexual education and familiarity with the physical body, founder Sayra Player created Guided by Glow in an effort to awaken desires with meditation and relaxation at the core of pleasure exploration and transcendence. 

Research from the Kinsey Institute has shown that 90 percent of women use “mental framing” or “scenario conjuring” to get aroused. Guided by Glow addresses this by relaxing the body with breathwork, cultivating sensory awareness, and then adding sensual inspiration designed to arouse.

“I wanted a judgement-free and highly erotic space for women to explore and expand their relationship with their sexuality, but found that the audio erotica available was not the experience I was seeking as an artist and deeply meditative person,” said Founder Sayra Player. “My vision was to combine the natural positivity and glow induced by an orgasm with the mental and physical satisfaction of meditation for a more elevated aural experience — something we haven’t really seen in this space before.”

Guided by Glow promises to engage neural pathways and deepen the connection to the body by emphasizing sensory mindfulness and breathing. Through a mix of yogic meditation, sensory stimulation and tension release work, the listener is led through a range of steamy scenarios. The app features consensual stories for users to choose from a variety of carefully curated beautiful voices and soundscape experiences. Player wanted the user to feel in full control of the imaginative experience, so much so that she intentionally keeps the voice talent anonymous.

“These days, women are bombarded by wellness and self-love and what they should be doing – GBG is a space to explore and fulfill with mindfulness at the core,” says Player.  “Ultimately our interest is in the health and wellness of women, and the powerful effect of an elevated sexuality.”

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