Erotic content is easy to come by on the internet, but it is ususally produced by men for men. Germany-based PEEKU is looking to change this and is launching its new digital platform for user-generated erotica. PEEKU was founded by Anabel Romero and Nicole Gruber earlier this year with a mission to destigmatize female desire. The duo wants to create a safe space where the desire, fantasies and lust of womxn are prioritized.

Co-founder Anabel Romero shares: “We like to do an experiment with our friends. We give five of them the same story to read. Afterwards, we ask them how they experienced the story. It’s always exciting to see that this results in five different stories. Each of them is located in a different setup, sees different people, or even hears completely different music playing in the background.”

But it is not only the readers, who benefit. Authors appreciate the creative freedom and empowerment of sharing their sexual fantasies with others.

PEEKU Co-founder Nicole Gruber explains: “In our eyes, this can only happen with literature in connection with one’s imagination. A fantasy is first and foremost always just a fantasy and does not necessarily have to be lived out in real life – anything is possible in your imagination!”

PEEKU values authenticity. “All stories on the platform are deliberatly user generated”, explains Romero. “We are convinced that there are countless exciting, hot, funny, or romantic stories that are worth telling. Our platform offers authors an easy way to share their stories directly, quickly, and easily with the community. Female pleasure is a globally relevant topic. We want to rewrite the story of female pleasure together with women from all over the world.”

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