The AMULET SOPHINITY System. Image: Fujifilm Healthcare Europe

Fujifilm Healthcare Europe has introduced the AMULET SOPHINITY digital mammography system at the European Congress of Radiology 2024. The system is designed to offer high-resolution imaging while utilizing low-dose X-ray radiation, aimed at enhancing the accuracy and comfort of breast cancer diagnostics. Breast cancer is the leading cancer among women in Europe, and with cancer diagnoses expected to rise, the need for improved diagnostic technologies is evident.

The AMULET SOPHINITY system features a direct conversion type flat panel detector (FPD) with a Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP) structure TFT panel, delivering images with a pixel size of 50 µm. This allows for detailed imaging necessary for the detection and analysis of hard-to-see lesions due to overlapping mammary gland structures. In addition, the system incorporates dual-angle tomosynthesis to improve image reconstruction and clarity by minimizing artifacts. This process is facilitated by capturing a higher number of tomosynthesis images than current models, thus enhancing the amount of information available for image reconstruction. The AMULET SOPHINITY supports two imaging modes: ST Mode for standard examinations and HR Mode for complex cases, ensuring comprehensive imaging capabilities.

Another feature of the AMULET SOPHINITY system is the “Positioning MAP,” an AI-enhanced function that projects skin lines and nipple positions from prior mammography images onto the examination table. This assists radiographers in maintaining consistent positioning for accurate image comparison over time. The design of the AMULET SOPHINITY system also includes patient comfort features such as a curved detector front to reduce discomfort during exams and an automatic pressure reduction control function, known as Comfort Comp, to alleviate pain during breast compression.

Masaharu Fukumoto, Managing Director, Fujifilm Healthcare Europe, commented: “We’re delighted to be launching the AMULET SOPHINITY digital mammography system at ECR 2024, where we are showcasing our pioneering, comprehensive and innovative med-tech solutions. AMULET SOPHINITY digital mammography system is not just a product, it’s a platform that will house all mammographic techniques in one place. This is the first chapter of the new platform, which can ensure that patients have the clarity of confidence in their diagnosis”

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