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Period Care company The Flex Co. has launched a new patented Reusable Disc after more than two years of development. During its 5 year tenure, the company has learned key insights from customers and developed patented-designed products to make alternative solutions to pads and tampons a reality for consumers who would have otherwise been hesitant to use menstrual cups or discs. The Flex Co. is the fastest-growing brand in the sustainable period care segment selling in 25,000+ stores in the U.S., and both domestic and international online sales.

“When I founded Flex, my vision was to make products that were better for the environment, solved real problems,and helped people live their best life,” explains Lauren Schulte Wang, Founder & CEO of TheFlex Co. “Five years later, I’m extremely proud to see the positive impact we’re having on menstruators by both providing and supporting the creation of sustainable solutions thatminimize harm to the planet.”

Thanks to its 2016 acquisition of Softdisc, the original menstrual disc, The Flex Co. gained access to 20 years of R&D on menstrual device technology. The company used this innovation history to launch Flex Disc and coined the term ‘menstrual disc’ to highlight the different shape and benefits of the product vs. the menstrual cup.

with the comfort and efficacy of the original Flex Disc in mind, with the addition of a patentednotch designed for easier insertion and a smartly engineered rim for easy removal. Safe to beworn for up to 12 hours, Flex Reusable Disc collects more than 6 super tampons. As azero-waste product that can last for years, Flex Reusable Disc is better for the wallet, and theplanet.With the launch of Flex Reusable Disc, The Flex Co. is the only company in the world to makeboth disposable and reusable menstrual discs, in addition to menstrual cups, all of which meetFDA standards. With its newest Flex Reusable Disc patent, The Flex Co. has now been awardedfive U.S. patents, four international patents, and has numerous other patents pending. The FlexCo. has more products coming to market in early 2022.Commitment to period freedomDubbed “inclusive product design,” The Flex Co.’s product development process involvesengaging with itsUterati Facebookcommunity of customersthat help identify period painpoints, provide product insights, and engage in user testing. Based on Uterati feedback, themit-shaped eco-friendly removal pouch was added to Flex’s product suite, and Flex FoamingCup Wash and Biodegradable Wipes were added in Spring 2021.With innovation as a mainstay of its mission, The Flex Co. believes in giving all menstruatorsperiod freedom through choice. As the company evolves its product line to cater to the needs ofmenstruators across the globe, it also encourages the growth of a robust ecosystem of productchoices as every body is different, and every menstruator is unique. As recently as last month,Schulte Wang invested the last $5,000 needed for New Zealand-based The Hello Cup and PeriodNirvana’s Kickstarter campaign to launch a competitive product.A rebrand furthering sustainability and educationTo celebrate five impactful years, The Flex Co. rebranded its core products to use 100%recyclable and compostable packaging made with renewable eucalyptus fiber. The Flex Co.maintains an ethos of sustainability throughout the entire life-cycle of its products andpackaging. Not only are products created to be of the utmost quality, but The Flex Co. takes greatcare to ensure manufacturers reduce their environmental impact at all levels of their productioncycle, thuspushing the boundaries of sustainabilitywithin the industry.The Flex Co. productsare made locally in California, USA and Canada, reducing energy use and emissions duringtransit to distribution centers.2Sustainability for The Flex Co. also means creating products that are best for people as well asthe planet. Products are designed to be a comfortable, leak-free alternative to tampons and padsthat require none or fewer product changes, resulting in less trash in landfills. In addition, unliketampons, Flex products won’t disrupt the vagina’s natural pH and are not linked to toxic shocksyndrome. Made from body-safe materials, Flex products are also designed to reduce drynessand irritation, cramps, and odors.In line with The Flex Co. brand value of advocacy, a recently launchednational TV campaign—the first-ever featuring a menstrual disc—tacklestopics including finding the fornix, mess-freeperiod sex, and how Flex Discs are good for vaginas. The company also offers access to experts(fondly called “Flexperts”) via text, email, and phone to answer questions, seven days a week.The modern applicator tampon was invented in 1929 by a man. Since 2016, The Flex Co. hasbeen innovating in a product category that was largely ignored for nearly 100 years. A person’speriod should not be painful, shameful, or disruptive; Flex products provide body-safe,comfortable solutions to ensure it is not.Flex Reusable Disc is now available for pre-orders will be commercially available in January 2022.For more information or to access high-res images, visit theFlex Newsroom.About The Flex Co.The Flex Co. is the top-selling sustainable period care brand known for creating a morecomfortable period for everyone. Their patented product portfolio, including Flex Disc™, FlexCup™,Flex Reusable Disc™,Softdisc®, and Softcup®,is sold in over 25,000 retailers in theUnited States. Based in Venice, California, The Flex Co. is FDA-registered and is the soledesigner of its products which are manufactured in the United States and Canada. Learn more, and join our #uterati customer community onInstagram,TikTokandFacebook.About The Flex Co. ProductsFlex Disc™, Flex Cup™, Flex Reuseable Disc™, Softdisc®, and Softcup® are FDA-registeredand manufactured in the United States and Canada. Unlike tampons, The Flex Co. products aremade from medical-grade polymers or medical-grade silicone, so they do not disrupt the vagina’s3natural flora, pH balance or promote the growth of toxic bacteria. Flex products are alsohypoallergenic, made without BPA, phthalates, or natural rubber latex.

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