Fertilitywise has launched an online membership program designed to provide resources and a community for individuals and couples dealing with fertility issues. The program aims to offer educational articles and moderated discussion boards to support those undergoing fertility treatments.

The platform addresses the need for clear information about fertility processes and treatments. It includes articles on various aspects of fertility, written in an accessible manner and reviewed by professionals such as reproductive endocrinologists and genetic counselors. Additionally, Fertilitywise provides a directory of vetted experts in the field, ranging from therapists to fertility clinics, to help users find the support they need.

A key aspect of the membership is its private discussion boards, where members can share experiences and seek advice in a secure environment. These boards are moderated by individuals who have personal experience with fertility challenges, ensuring that discussions remain helpful and respectful. The aim is to create a safe space free from the misinformation and advertising prevalent on larger social media platforms.

“At¬†Fertilitywise, our mission is to equip individuals and couples embarking on one of the biggest decisions of their life: their fertility journey,” said Maryanna Basic, the founder of Fertilitywise and a former fertility patient herself. “We understand the complexities fertility challenges bring, and we are committed to providing a comprehensive solution that combines evidence-based information with a supportive community every step of the way.”

The introduction of Fertilitywise’s membership program reflects a growing recognition of the need for comprehensive support systems for fertility patients. With its focus on providing scientifically-backed information and fostering a supportive community, Fertilitywise seeks to fill a gap in the fertility care landscape.

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