Every Monday we share a quick “best of” from the week that was with our Inner Circle members. What’s trending in the Femtech Insider community and beyond? We’ve got you covered! In this week’s brief we talk about Pediatric Innovation, plus…

  • Is Emmanuel Macron the Unlikely Femtech Hero We’ve All Been Waiting For?
  • A Look Back at Healthcare in 2021 (with Blake Madden from The Healthy Muse)
  • Startup Spotlight: Skincare, Hair Pulling, Conference Diversity 🌟
  • And more!

Exploring Pediatric Innovation

In news not (yet?) covered on Femtech Insider, we recently took a moment to explore pediatric innovation inspired by Kiddo’s $16M Series A, Little Otter’s $22M raise and Owlet’s Dream Duo launch, as well as our discovery of KidsX, an accelerator and ecosystem for pediatric innovation “anchored by a consortium of children’s hospitals motivated to partner with early stage digital health companies.” (Sidenote: Can we/Do we have something similar for women’s health??)

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