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Gynaecological health startup Daye has announced the launch of a comprehensive gynaecological health consultation and pharmacy service. This new service aims to provide women with faster access to healthcare, offering advice, diagnosis, and prescriptions. Specialist nurses, vetted and NHS-trained with over 20 years of experience, will offer in-depth, personalized advice on period pain, vaginal and sexual health, fertility, and menopause. This service allows patients to obtain necessary prescriptions, including treatments for STIs, bacterial vaginosis (BV), and thrush, as well as personalized hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and contraception recommendations.

Valentina Milanova, Founder & CEO of Daye, explains: “It shouldn’t be a fight to access gynaecological healthcare. Yet the painful reality of long waiting lists and years of having symptoms dismissed means it often feels like a battle to get advice and treatment for serious conditions. Through our affordable gynaecological health consultation service, women and AFAB individuals will be able to access specialist advice when they need it, on their own terms, and obtain the necessary prescriptions and personalized treatments.”

The service is designed to fill a significant healthcare gap, as 600,000 women are currently on waiting lists for non-cancer gynaecology hospital care. These long waiting times are causing many to suffer from extreme pain and heavy menstrual bleeding, with nearly 90% of healthcare professionals reporting that their patients’ symptoms worsened while waiting for care.

Daye’s consultation service allows users to book same-day, 30-minute appointments to discuss their symptoms and concerns, receive diagnosis guidance, and get lifestyle advice to manage their gynaecological health. The pharmacy service ensures that prescriptions, reviewed by a CQC-certified pharmacist, can be delivered directly to the patient’s door.

Additionally, consultations costing £29.99 can be combined with Daye’s Diagnostic Tampon screening kits, which test for vaginal infections, STIs, HPVs, and fertility-blocking pathogens. The service can also be paired with Daye’s Period Pain Clinic, which expedites the diagnosis of period and pelvic pain and provides personalized pain management plans. During appointments, Daye’s nurses will review the individual’s medical history and symptoms, advise on the latest research and best practices, and develop a personalized action plan that combines medical and holistic interventions.

Daye, founded in 2017, is dedicated to closing the gender gap in medical research and innovation. The company focuses on menstrual pain management, vaginal health, and hormonal awareness, as well as empowering women and AFAB individuals to take control of their gynaecological health.

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