Are you an early-stage femtech startup fundraising right now or a founder looking to get feedback on their project? Then you’re in luck!

Today we are incredibly excited to announce our first in a series of FemTech Office Hours on June 17th at 8 PM CET. During this remote event you have the opportunity to have a chat with investors and get feedback on your business in an informal setting.

Participating Investors:

Why FemTech Office Hours?

We recognize the potential of the femtech market and believe that building a strong community can level the playing field for entrepreneurs working in this space.

Who Should Participate?

We would love to speak to founders with an idea to change female health and early-stage companies. This might include companies that believe consumer brands and/or greater health data can offer improved access and standard of care than traditional health providers. Or companies that recognize the importance of individualized care for women across any disease or condition.

The Format

You will have one on one conversations of around 20 minutes with one or two investors. To ensure everyone makes most out of the chats we ask interested founders and startups to share a short intro deck with us upfront. This doesn’t need to be a full business plan or investment proposal, a basic introduction deck of your business will do.

If you would like to participate in the FemTech Office Hours, please use this google form and submit your deck by June 12, 2020 EOD PST. Please also indicate which investors you prefer to speak with. We look forward to discussing the future of female-focused healthcare with you!

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