As the founder of five leading healthcare companies including Livongo and Vivante Health, Dr. Kimon Angelides is well known in the digital health scene. Today he announces his latest venture, FemTec Health a health and beauty company focused on using technology and data to transform the total healthcare experience for women. FemTech Health’s mission is to revolutionize women’s healthcare by using state of the art genomics, predictive intelligence, and digital technologies to create an experience that is unified, coordinated, and provides personalized services and products that are meaningful and effective for women.

FemTech Health has been in the making since May 2020, has so far raised $38M from capital and investors including Longmont Capital, Ltd and HellasMed, LLC (company principals), Walgreens, Trinity, Unilever and Estee Lauder and acquired a number of companies in the beauty and wellness space including well-known beauty subscription box Birchbox, AI-enabled beauty marketplace Mira Beauty, and Liquid Grids, a social marketing platform known for its ability to build and leverage healthcare communities at scale. The acquisitions support the platform’s go-to-market and mission to revolutionize the women’s health and beauty industry.

Birchbox Founder Katia Beauchamp explains: “I have always believed in the power of women as a community, and I believe this is a natural step in the evolution of Birchbox. Eleven years ago, we were compelled by an ability to build deep customer relationships month after month. FemTec’s vision for the future of women’s healthcare was inspirational to me and I could see the opportunity for the thousands of women in the Birchbox community to extend beyond consumer beauty products to a more holistic health and wellness offering.” 

FemTech Health launches today with more than 7 million subscribers, two clinical trials in progress and a female-led team of over 150. Key members of the C-suite include Dr. Kimberley Capone, Chief Science Officer (formerly with Johnson & Johnson), and Dr. Laura Clapper, Chief Operating Officer (formerly Cigna-West, Aetna ).

“Women’s health has been under researched and underrepresented for too long. As a woman and a scientist, I have often been the sounding board for friends and family on their wellness journey – offering advice and feedback on skincare, vaginal care, probiotics and supplements that can help with issues in skin and vaginal health, PMS and menopause. What I hear consistently is that women do not know where to go, or what products to choose that may help.  This is where FemTec Health’s unified and coordinated platform comes in – we provide personalized services and science-based products that are meaningful and effective for women at all stages of their lives.  I believe the future is female and FemTec Health will help get us there,” said Kim Capone, Chief Scientific Officer.

Dr. Angelides adds: “The starting point is holistic data to really understand a woman’s healthcare needs and then smart technology like AI and predictive analytics to translate the data into actionable outcomes.  Our BiomeAI is that platform across all therapeutic areas including specialty care, wellness and prevention, reproductive care, sexual wellness, mental health, chronic care and beyond. It is driven by state-of-the-art genomics and digital technologies that empower women to take control of their health at every stage of their life journey, based on their individual health analysis.”  

Later this year, FemTec Health will be announcing their consumer offerings including the launch of it’s DTC brand, Awesome Woman, and the evolution of Birchbox with a focus on personalized skin and healthcare using the BiomeAI platform. The patent-pending platform uses AI and deep machine learning to translate consumer, genetic, microbiome and biometric data to deliver holistic healthcare, personalized for every woman, at every life stage. 

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