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Emulait is a baby feeding system designed to emulate the experience of breastfeeding. Combining four years of research, seven patented technologies, 3D scanning and FDA-approved medical grade materials, Emulait replicates the mother’s breast shape, color, elasticity, texture and feel.

The company, founded by serial entrepreneur, Shilo Ben Zeev, after witnessing his wife and daughter struggle with breastfeeding, has now raised $11M in Series A funding from family offices and private investors bringing the total amount raised to $16M.

“Emulait was founded out of the desire to solve my daughter’s oral latching problem and now works to provide every parent, family, and child with a feeding system that supports their choices and lifestyle,” says Shilo Ben Zeev, founder and CEO of Emulait. “I am incredibly passionate about building an organization that supports every baby and family beginning their healthy feeding journey.”

“Emulait’s design, which mimics the anatomy of the nipple and requires active sucking to get the milk out of the bottle will dramatically improve parenthood for many new families,” said Linda Hanna, RNC, MSN/Ed, Lactation and OB Expert and Advisor to Emulait. “With more than half of women ending their breastfeeding journey within the first month due to issues with sucking and latching, Emulait is solving a widespread need for mothers that need help with feedings while still being confident they are providing their babies with the best possible alternative to the breast.”

To order the Emulait bottle, mothers download the mobile app to take digital scans of their breasts to create a personalized feeding system using one of 25 bottle top variations: five colors ranging from “fair” to “rich,” and from the five most common sizes. The bottle nipples have multiple milk holes and a 3-flow system to replicate the physiological flow rate of a real nipple and reduce the risk of overfeeding and obesity.

Emulait’s custom software scans, analyzes and captures data points such as shape, size, color and texture of the nipple. The technology is privacy-protected and never collects photographs or images. The process is similar to using a facial scan on a smartphone or laptop. Once the scan is submitted, Emulait uses advanced 3D scanning technology paired with BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic, FDA-approved medical-grade silicone to create the bottle nipple that replicates the structural anatomy and functional physiology of the mother’s breast.

In addition, Emulait offers two bottle shapes, anatomy and classic. The anatomy bottle is a breast-shaped bottle that allows parents and caregivers to emulate a more natural baby-to-breast position while feeding and facilitates better eye contact with the baby. The classic bottle features a streamlined design for those on the go. Emulait will ship kits out within 48 hours of the scan.

A starter kit is $55. It includes two nipples, one anatomy bottle, one classic bottle, the three-flow control system, a cleaning brush, a travel pouch, and a complimentary 30-minute virtual consultation with a certified lactation consultant.

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