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Fertility care startup Carrot has recently released a new employer handbook and annual report sharing insights into U.S. fertility care, trends, and workplace impact.

Topics include:

The evolution of the pursuit to parenthood

Many factors have led to a cultural shift that impacts how we think about parenthood. We’ll look at how a handful of these trends have contributed to this change.

The pursuit of parenthood and work

Parenthood and work are becoming increasingly intertwined. We’ll discuss how employers are becoming more heavily involved in the well-being of their employees allowing for a shift from the “work-life balance” movement into a more realistic “work-life integration” approach.

The future of fertility

Fertility is something that touches every single person over the course of their lives, whether they choose to pursue parenthood or not. And as we look to support our employees, friends, and loved ones, it’s important that we think about the future of the industry and how we can help get it to where it needs to be.

Source: https://lp.get-carrot.com/employer_handbook_fertility_care_in_2020/

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