Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR), a private community focused on accelerating healthcare innovation by connecting Fortune 500 benefit leaders with digital health solutions, and Magnify Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on technology in the care economy that announced the closing of its first $52M fund a month ago, are launching a curated program designed to accelerate emerging solutions addressing the needs of the modern family. 

Together, the partnership is focused on building and accelerating a growing network of innovative, early-stage companies solving the gaps in the growing care economy. Building on lessons learned and growing employer interest in new solutions across areas like childcare benefits, household management tools, and caregiver support, the EHIR Academy will combine customized advisory, expert-led content, and unmatched exposure to the incredible work of nine hand-selected teams.

Julie Wroblewski, Managing Partner at Magnify Ventures shares: “Employers today are investing in solutions to address the caregiving challenges of employees, whether that’s in caring for children, aging family members, or those with disabilities. Technology-driven solutions that can scale quickly represent a big opportunity for employers to do this efficiently while attracting talent, improving productivity, and boosting retention. We’re proud to continue our partnership with EHIR Academy to highlight a diverse range of emerging caregiving support solutions for the employer market.”

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