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Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, also known as the “Egg Whisperer” is partnering with Phosphorus, a preventative genomics company, to offer GeneCompass, the first holistic, medical-grade genetic test, to all patients. GeneCompass is the first medical-grade genetic test to cover a broad range of important preventable conditions, not just limited to inherited cancers or cardiovascular disorders. GeneCompass medical content also includes the genetics related to endocrinology, vision loss, hearing loss, infertility, neurology and pharmacogenetics.

Having built a verticalized genetic testing platform, from wet lab chemistry to software and bioinformatics, Phosphorus is able to provide the most comprehensive, medical-grade genetic tests at price points helping to democratize access to genomic information. Dr. Eyvazzadeh is a Harvard-educated, board certified OBGYN, specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

Alex Bisignano, Founder and CEO of Phosphorus shares: “We’re excited to be working with Dr. Aimee to bring more information to prospective parents as they evaluate options on their journey to build a family. With population incidence rates >10% for autosomal dominant monogenic diseases alone, particularly if there is health history uncertainty, information from the GeneCompass test can be critical in reducing the burden of genetic disease in future generations.”

Dr. Eyvazzadeh aka the “Egg Whisperer” adds: “I am very excited to partner with Phosphorus and employ the GeneCompass test. Offering genetic profiling has been a core component of the fertility care I offer my patients for many years.  The medical-grade depth and accuracy of the GeneCompass test provides critical information and the accessibility allows me to reach more people who could benefit from knowing their genes.”

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