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Forty percent of women in the U.S. have dense breast tissue, and they have a 4-6 times greater risk of developing breast cancer. Mammography alone misses about half the cancers in women with dense breasts, as dense tissue and cancer both appear white on mammogram images. Delphinus Medical Technology‘s SoftVue System is indicated for use as an adjunct to digital mammography in the screening of asymptomatic women with dense breast tissue, enhances dense breast screening and identifies up to 20% more cancers with greater accuracy and potentially fewer biopsies than full field digital mammography alone. The SoftVue exam is completed with no compression or radiation, and its PMA indication for use allows SoftVue exams to be performed at the same appointment as screening mammograms, facilitating a streamlined workflow and rapid delivery of results.

About a year ago Delphinus received FDA approval for SoftVue. Now the company is back with a funding announcement, which comes on the heels of the announcement that the first system was sold to Karamanos Cancer Institute in Detroit. To continue commercialization the company has raised $30M in Series D funding from Arboretum Ventures, Beringea, North Coast Technology Investors, Venture Investors, Hopen Life Science Ventures and Waycross Ventures.

Mark J. Forchette, Delphinus President & CEO, shares: “Every day it becomes increasingly obvious that we have delivered a game changer technology to transform dense breast screening. When potential customers hear that SoftVue finds more cancers, delivers an exceptional patient experience and efficient patient workflow the same day as the mammogram without costly staff additions, they recognize the value for their patients. Our series D will support the robust commercial strategies and efforts needed to help sites quickly adopt this solution for their patients.”

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