The DeepLook Medical Team. Image: DeepLook Medical

US-based healthtech company DeepLook Medical has raised $1.7M to enhance cancer detection in dense breast tissue through advanced visual enhancement technology. The company has introduced a pioneering AI technology platform tailored for identifying suspicious masses in women with dense breasts. This innovation is significant as approximately 45% of women have dense breasts, which increases their risk of breast cancer. Traditional mammograms can miss nearly half of cancers in dense breasts, which poses a significant challenge in early cancer detection.

The funding round saw participation from Connecticut Innovations, Tidal River, Angel Investor Forum (AIF), OKG Capital, Werth Ventures, and various private investors. The investment will be allocated towards talent acquisition, development of next-generation products, expansion of sales and partnerships, and support for additional clinical research and publications. It will also aid in extending global intellectual property and regulatory protections and clearances.

“We are thrilled to announce our latest funding which will help us further develop technologies that are critical in helping detect cancer, particularly in dense breast tissue,” said Marissa Fayer, CEO of DeepLook Medical. “Our innovative AI technology is a game-changer in the field, offering a streamlined solution for early detection across multiple imaging modalities.”

DeepLook Medical’s DL Precise, the company’s flagship product, employs unique shape-recognition software to outline tumor morphology accurately, which is crucial for improved diagnosis. The FDA-cleared software integrates directly onto existing imaging screens, offering enhancements such as one-click measurement, segmentation, and visualization, thereby streamlining the diagnostic process. DL Precise is compatible with a variety of imaging modalities, including mammography, ultrasound, CT, and MRI. It utilizes a single-click deterministic algorithm to ensure precise lesion segmentation, enhancing workflow efficiency for healthcare professionals. The software has been made commercially available through partnerships with industry leaders such as Barco, Blackford, Tempus, and Radical Imaging.

“This technology addresses a significant unmet need in medical imaging, enabling rapid and accurate lesion segmentation, measurement, and visualization”, shared Dirk Feyants, Executive Vice President of Diagnostic Imaging at Barco. “Combined with our displays’ excellent image quality, this tool offers a new layer of confidence to breast radiologists. We are proud to lead the way with DeepLook Medical in offering breast radiologists the essential tools they require to enhance their patients’ well-being.”

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