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Cycle care company Cora, best known for organic cotton tampons, pads, and liners as well as reusable cups, discs and period underwear is rebranding launching a new wellness-focused brand look, feel, and identity that’s inspired by the beauty category. In addition to the rebrand, Cora has expanded its portfolio with new wellness products that meet a variety of consumers’ needs.

Since Cora launched in 2016, the natural period care category has grown significantly with an abundance of product choices. But, even with so many options, shopping for period care remains an after-thought with most consumers trained to dash in-and-out of the aisle as quickly as possible. With its brand refresh, Cora has unveiled a bold new look inspired by the beauty category that addresses comfort and self-care while imagining a more engaging shopping experience with a modernized color palette and approachable language. Cora also is doubling-down on showing the realness of periods through relatable imagery.

Cora’s entire portfolio has been renamed, making the period care items stand out with accessible language that emphasizes the type of comfort each product provides. New product names include: The Comfort Fit Tampon; The Peace-of-Mind Pad; The Got-You-Covered Liner;  and The Perfect Fit Disc.

“We heard from consumers that being comfortable is a top priority when on their period, yet more than half of people never feel that way,” said Dana Cohen, chief marketing officer, Cora. “With our new brand look, Cora is going all-in on comfort, empathy, and belonging, because we believe consumers deserve to be comfortable on their periods.”

Cora’s broad portfolio of period care products have driven significant growth for the brand. The brand’s reusable products are growing 75% year-over-year at retail and are now driving a quarter of the brand’s growth. Last year, Cora introduced a reusable menstrual disc, which sold out three times at launch and is now the fastest growing reusable disc in the category.  Adding to its period care and wellness line-up, Cora is introducting three new products: The Restorative Vulva Balm, the Stay Well Period Patch and The Balancing Boric Acid Suppository.

“The future of period care goes beyond tampons and pads,” said Molly Hayward, co-founder and chief brand officer. “When Cora was founded, we were one of the first brands to bring a fresh, modern look and clean ingredients to period care basics like tampons and pads. Consumers deserve more choices in the period care aisle. At Cora, we’re committed to bringing innovative products to manage all types of cycles, comfortably.”

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