Leone Solutions Group (LSG), a global consulting and technology firm committed to advancing positive societal change, has raised $3.3M in pre-seed funding for their latest venture, CLEONA, an AI-driven tool designed to advance maternal healthcare. The announcement marks another milestone for the Washington DC-based consulting and technology firm, which aims to improve life expectancy and quality of life on a global scale.

Image: LSG

Founded by Ashley Bratton and Sacha Taylor, LSG has been involved in a range of social impact projects. Their efforts span sectors such as racial equity, traffic safety, and climate change. With CLEONA, the firm moves into the realm of maternal health, looking to address the disparities that plague the system.

A Mission Rooted in Social Justice

Both founders faced systemic discrimination and inequality early on in their lives, experiences that spurred their desire to create positive change. After a protracted legal battle against housing and hotel discrimination, they resolved to tackle systemic issues through strategic interventions.

Armed with experience from top consulting firms, Bratton and Taylor noticed a significant gap in their industry: a lack of focus on aiding vulnerable communities. This observation led them to establish LSG as a consulting and technology firm with a mission to elevate life quality and expectancy, making it unique in its dedication to social impact.

CLEONA: A Lifeline for Expectant Mothers

CLEONA aims to transform maternal health by providing highly personalized recommendations through advanced AI algorithms. The tool is designed to work seamlessly with existing maternal health apps and medical systems. Its real-time data analytics and quick intervention capabilities position it as a resource for prenatal and postpartum support.

Ashley Bratton, Co-Founder of Leone Solutions Group, shares: “Maternal health rates in the US are not acceptable! CLEONA is our robust response to this urgent situation. Our AI-driven tool isn’t just a solution; it’s a vital lifeline that will make an impact at scale. We are wholeheartedly committed to reversing the statistics, ensuring every woman receives the care and support she rightfully deserves.”

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