Family benefits platform Cleo has recently released the results of a national survey of 1,5000 parents and published “Seven insights on investing in working families now and moving forward”.

The future of work is here. It’s NOW. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought all workers—in particular parents—to a tipping point and accelerated trends that may have otherwise been years, if not decades away from becoming the norm. Parents make up 40% of the workforce. They are managers, leaders, and skilled employees, essential to success. And they need new modes of support and benefits as they continuously adjust to evolving challenges. As data from Cleo’s recent national survey of 1,500 working parents helps confirm, we’re in a moment that calls for fundamental change in the approach to family benefits and the promise they deliver on. Family support must be anchored in consistency, proactive action, and understanding the range of experiences of working parents and parents-to-be.

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