Menopause support app balance has introduced balance+ adding new features and content to the original app. Handpicked by leading menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson, balance+ gives women access to specialists and clinicians in the field, who help women optimize their mental health, nutrition, sleep, physical health, sexual health as well as skin and hair.

The original balance app is live in over 150 countries and has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of women according to the company. balance+ subscribers will also be able to access expert advice through videos, recipes, classes and more. These experts include Dr Rebecca Lewis, GP and menopause specialist, Emma Ellice-Flint, clinical nutritionist, Lucy Holtom, yoga teacher, Dr Claire Macaulay, sex specialist, Dr Sajjad Rajpar, consultant dermatologist and Dr Sally Norton, weight loss specialist and medical doctor.

Dr. Louise Newson, Founder of balance, said: “The launch of balance+ comes at a pivotal time to improve health for perimenopausal and menopausal women. We know that everyone experiencing perimenopause and menopause has different needs and that’s why balance+ takes a holistic and personalised approach which really puts the user in control. Working closely with our community to gain valuable insights and feedback has allowed us to make balance+ happen and I thank the community for supporting us with this menopause movement.”

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