Axena Health, a medical device company focused on women’s pelvic health, has received a $25M investment from AXA IM Alts through its Global Healthcare Private Equity Strategy. The investment will support the expansion of access to the Leva Pelvic Health System, a prescription digital therapeutic for the treatment of urinary incontinence and chronic fecal incontinence in women. The Leva System has been cleared by the FDA and offers an easy-to-use, at-home treatment for stress, mixed and mild-to-moderate urgency UI, as well as first-line treatment for chronic FI in women. The treatment involves guiding women through pelvic floor muscle training via a small vaginal motion sensor connected to a smartphone app. The Leva System has received positive clinical data and is available by prescription only, allowing physicians to treat UI and chronic FI on a broad scale with continued involvement in patient success.

Axena Health CEO Eileen Maus notes: “Axena Health is a women-founded, women-funded, women-focused company. We’re grateful to extend this solution globally, where an even greater number of women are silently enduring the significant medical, social and economic effects of incontinence. We look forward to working with Dr. Besse and the AXA IM Alts team to support what we believe is a first-of-its-kind commitment to bring an affordable digital health treatment for incontinence to women regardless of geography.”

Axena Health’s Chief Medical Officer Samantha Pulliam, M.D. adds: “We’re intently focused on combining novel technology, rigorous, peer-reviewed data and excellence in patient support to shine a light on what remains a vastly underserved area of women’s health. The Leva Pelvic Health System can help women ease the burden of incontinence at home, on their own schedule, and allow them to re-engage with the activities that make them feel whole. We’re excited to have the opportunity to deliver these benefits to more women here in the U.S. and soon throughout the world.”

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