Sophia Cao, Senior Vice President and Head of Asieris’ Women’s Health Business Unit. Image: Asieric Pharmaceuticals

Asieris Pharmaceuticals has launched a new Women’s Health Business Unit, focusing on advancing treatments in gynecology, particularly for cervical cancer. The initiative centers on APL-1702, a non-surgical treatment for cervical high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions, positioning the company at the forefront of innovative gynecological care.

This move aligns with global health initiatives aimed at combating cervical cancer. The China National Program for Women’s Development (2021-2030) and the World Health Organization’s strategy for eliminating cervical cancer are among the efforts driving this focus. Asieris aims to contribute significantly to these initiatives through the development of APL-1702. This treatment is currently undergoing phase III clinical trials and has the potential to become a first-in-class non-surgical option for cervical cancer treatment.

Sophia Cao has been appointed to lead this new business unit. Bringing over two decades of experience in pharmaceutical commercialization, Cao’s expertise is expected to be instrumental in achieving the unit’s strategic goals. Her prior roles at Organon China, Sanofi Pasteur China, and Eli Lilly China have equipped her with substantial industry knowledge and leadership skills.

Dr. Kevin Pan, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Asieris Pharmaceuticals, commented: “The establishment of Women’s Health Business Unit is a testament to our steadfast confidence and commitment to our gynecological pipeline, with APL-1702 as the cornerstone. This move solidifies our leadership in women’s health in China. We are confident that Sophia’s invaluable industry experience, unique business insights, and strategic thinking will expedite our strategic goal of becoming a leader in women’s health. Moving forward, we will continue to increase our investment in this field, making a positive contribution to women’s health in China and worldwide, particularly in the realm of cervical cancer prevention and treatment.”

The unit’s primary asset, APL-1702, aims to offer an effective alternative to traditional surgical treatments for cervical cancer, which often come with adverse effects. Asieris Pharmaceuticals is committed to addressing the unmet clinical need for non-surgical treatments in this field.

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