Virtual care company Alpha Medical has created a patient-centric, whole person care platform built for women. On Alpha each patient gets a dedicated PCP when she signs up, and the same provider cares for all of her primary medical needs online to ensure continuation of care. The company’s system anticipates a patient’s needs through data-driven proactive screenings, and is built for cost-effective triage, Rx management, therapy, and referrals. The offering is available at a demonstrably lower cost than other virtual solutions on the market, helping much needed populations with high deductible plans or no insurance.

On PCOS Awareness Day today, the company has now announced a new service to help diagnose and treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a common hormonal disorder that affects 1 in 10 women of reproductive age. Common symptoms of PCOS include abnormal periods, weight gain, infertility, acne, excessive hair growth, insulin resistance, and male-pattern baldness.

There are no single tests that can diagnose PCOS, which has proven to be a major drawback for consumers suffering symptoms without a clear treatment plan. Medical providers can diagnose and treat women based on their symptoms, past medical history, and family history, and they may advise completing blood tests to rule out other health conditions.

Alpha Medical, whose services are available in 46 states and treat over 50 conditions with their private and asynchronous primary care provider (PCP)access, is partnering with Quest Diagnostics to administer optional blood tests. With or without the blood tests, an Alpha Provider will contact users to discuss the results of their blood tests and determine the best next steps, treatments, and medications based on the symptoms. Treatment may require a combination of lifestyle changes and prescription medications such as hormonal contraception, and prescription medication for scalp hair loss, weight gain, and reduction of unwanted facial hair.  

“Alpha Medical continues to fulfill its mission to bring convenient, affordable, and accessible treatment and resources to help educate women on their healthcare needs and symptoms,” says Gloria Lau, Co-founder & CEO. “With this expansion in the conditions we help diagnose and treat, Alpha Medical can shine a light on PCOS and educate women about their reproductive health.”

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