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Orchyd is launching a new period-tracking app and Bluetooth-enabled connected smart wallet that together that stores a one-day supply of period care products. The company was founded by sisters Courtney and Morgan King.

“We set out to build a better menstrual experience by combining an advanced health app, wellness tracker, geo-location technology, and access to an affordable OB/GYN that is open to everyone, anywhere,” said Morgan King, Orchyd’s co-founder. “With our intentional design that assumes no gender identity or sexuality, Orchyd brings transparency and inclusivity to conversations surrounding periods.”

Board Certified OB/GYN Kate Killoran adds, “When it comes to menstruation, period care and overall gynecologic health, tracking apps have enabled women to better understand their cycles and any associated symptoms. Orchyd’s use of cutting-edge technology in addition to easy access to an OB/GYN provides unparalleled service while reducing stigma and allowing users greater control. No other app in the space comes close.”

The color customizable Orchyd app serves as a flow, fertility, ovulation, and overall health tracker compatible with Apple Health Kit for data transfer. With no in-app ads, the Orchyd app is a premium experience with 100% data privacy and HIPAA compliance. The app uses AI to collect health history for the user’s benefit that–with permission–can be easily shared with partners or parents and uses predictive analytics to improve the user’s cycle experience. The app also features SafeFlow™, a built-in reminder system to replace or remove period care products, allowing for peace of mind and reduced risk of toxic shock syndrome. The Orchyd app reminds users of upcoming cycles for ease and flexibility while on the go ensuring users are never left unprepared. 

In an effort to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, Orchyd also introduces OB/GYN Now. This unique telehealth feature provides users 24/7 direct access to a medical network of certified health specialists for any questions and concerns.

The Orchyd Smart Wallet is a stylish, compact, ‘any occasion’ accessory that comes in both black and chartreuse. With adjustable and removable straps, the Orchyd Smart Wallet can be used as a clutch, wallet, shoulder bag, fanny pack, or cross-body bag. The internal accordion-style pouch securely stores period products, while the rest of the wallet conveniently holds and organizes your credit cards, keys, and other personal items, making it perfect for everyday use. The Orchyd Smart Wallet is 93 percent water-based polyethylene with a zinc alloy zipper, making it strong yet biodegradable in a landfill within two years.

The Orchyd Smart Wallet connects to the Orchyd App through the unique custom Petal. The Orchyd Petal is waterproof, crushproof, and has a 12-month battery life that can be replaced once a year. The Petal is Bluetooth-connected with a virtual tether that alerts users through the app whenever they are away from their smart wallet during their period or predicted period window. The Petal is connected 24/7 to ensure complete peace of mind.

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