US-based femtech startup 28 is on a mission to support those who menstruate adapt their workouts nutrition and other wellness activities to their cycle. The company, which was founded in 1.5 years ago and bootstrapped to date, has now raised $3.2M in seed funding led by Thiel Capital. Other investors participating in the round include Learn Capital, Steel Perlot and private angel investors.

In an interview with TechCrunch 28 Co-founder Brittany Hugoboom shared: “A lot of women I know were experiencing painful periods and other hormone-related symptoms. Women were tired of the pill and the negative impact it’s had on their brains and bodies. They were getting off it in droves and looking for natural alternatives.”

She continues: “Many women voice experiences of being dismissed or even gaslit by their doctors who would just tell them it was all in their head. And most alarming of all it became crystal clear that most women are totally clueless about how their cycle works. And it’s not their fault because most women don’t get a lot of sex education. So the idea was born from those problems — we want to democratize the science of hormone and menstrual health. And provide women everywhere with tangible tools to physically and emotionally flourish.”

The company’s cycle informed wellness program is currently available for free via the company’s website. 28 plans to launch its new mobile app soon and also wants to offer freemium subscriptions, premium content and physical products.

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