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It’s that time of the year again… Y Combinator Demo Day. And as always we had a look through the 300+ companies, that were part of the most recent batch (S21) to see if any of them are active in the women’s health space. And indeed we found a few femtech startups, that are getting ready to pitch this week!

Below is an overview of the graduating femtech companies and a few others that stood out to us.


AOA Dx: Blood Test for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer

Ruth Health: Telehealth for Pregnant People

Comet Health: Digital Platform for Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Liv Labs: Fitness Solutions for Incontinence

Matrubials: Developing Milk-Derived Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases Starting with Bacterial Vaginosis


Female Invest: Female Invest is a Social E-Learning Platform for Investing

Sequin: Sequin is a debit card for women to build credit


Stepful: Online Training for Healthcare Jobs

Therify: Inclusive Mental Healthcare for Employers

Jingu Health: Reprogramming the microbiome to treat and prevent diseases

Tuli Health: Transforming pharmacies in the UK into diagnostic centers

Pillar: Health Coaching as a Service

Shimmer: Online Mental Heatlh Support Groups Led by Coaches

Intellect: A Modern Day Mental Health Company for Asia

Okani: Primary Healthcare for LATAM

Iona Mind: Software-based Mental Health Treatment

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