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Yes.. It is indeed that time of the year again… YC Demo Day is around the corner and as always we made time to look through the hundreds of startups who just graduated from Y Combinator (Batch S22) to share our picks of companies, who we believe can truly make an impact in the world of healthcare innovation.

Curious who made our list? Here we go! 


Simbie Health: AI-Powered Practice in a Box for Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health

“We enable providers, starting with nurse practitioners (NPs), to start and grow independent digital practices, more than doubling their income. We are building an AI care coordinator that automates the office manager/admin required to run a practice, removing the need to hire, trimming the 16;1 admin:provider ratio in healthcare today, and thus reducing the barrier to entry for clinicians to go independent. By building our fully digital workflows into the fabric of these new practices, we’re improving efficiency and unlocking new healthcare delivery revenue streams (e.g. async care & group visits).”

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Elythea: ML to Catch and Prevent Pregnancy Complications

Over 80% of maternal mortalities were preventable with earlier intervention. Currently, doctors miss >50% of moms who have life-threatening complications and wait until labor to start doing manual risk assessments, at which point it’s too late. Elythea’s proprietary ML models catch life-threatening obstetric complications (like postpartum hemorrhage, preeclampsia/eclampsia, emergency c-section, preterm labor, and more) as soon as the first visit. We automatically analyze relevant demographic and clinical risk factors, flag high-risk patients, and provide evidence-based interventions, giving doctors months in advance to intervene and prevent complications from ever happening. Our global clinical studies have shown that we can catch 2-3x more complications than clinical judgment 10x sooner.

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Digital Health

Healthtech 1: Automating Repetitive Processes in Healthcare

“Healthtech-1 automates repetitive processes for healthcare systems. We’re starting with the world’s most famous: the NHS. We’re already live in over 200 primary care practices.”

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Flair Health: Platform for Doctors to Grow their Own Holistic Primary Care Practices

“Flair Health is building the platform for doctors to set up their own independent practices to deliver ultra-personalized, whole-person care to treat the core drivers of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Our software provides doctors with data-driven insights about a patient’s health and facilitates operations like patient acquisition and billing.”

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Wattson: Software for Pharmacies to Manage RXs and Automate Manual Workflows

Medication errors cost the healthcare industry $40 billion each year, the largest contributor being the manual processes employed by pharmacies. Wattson Health’s automation platform integrates with pharmacies’ existing systems and enables them to fill prescriptions error-free in a matter of seconds vs. hours or even days.

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Cair Health: Predictive Analytics and Automation for Medical Claims

Still in Stealth

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Certainly Health: Marketplace to Book Doctors and Avoid Surprise Bills

Patients enter their insurance and visit reason, and we use machine learning to predict and guarantee their out-of-pocket costs for every health provider. For health providers, we ensure their patients always pay the bill.

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Empirical Health: Proactive Primary Care, Scaled with AI

Empirical Health is proactive primary care. We use AI to triage healthcare resources to efficiently manage chronic illness and succeed in value-based care payment models. We’re licensed, registered, and insured to deliver real medical care in 8 US states.

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MediSearch: Search Engine for Trustworthy Medical Information

You know how when you google stuff about your health, you always end up getting diagnosed with some deadly disease by an SEO-optimized health blog? MediSearch solves this by giving you direct answers to health questions based on trustworthy sources.

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Obento Health: Patient Engagement Platform that Pays

Obento Health is on the mission to create the ultimate destination for health-related products based on clinical expertise and evidence. We use AI to help healthcare providers curate and recommend wellness products to their patients.

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Stellar Sleep: We Help People with Chronic Insomnia Sleep Better, Using Psychology

25 million Americans with chronic insomnia are getting inadequate and superficial care advice (e.g. cutting coffee, meditation etc.), when in reality, their sleep problems are often driven by deeper psychological challenges like unresolved anxiety. Stellar Sleep uses psychology to help these people break the insomnia cycle.

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Olio Labs: Combination Therapeutics for the World’s Toughest Diseases

Olio labs uses AI to develop combination therapeutics that consider the thousands of interacting proteins in your body rather than targeting just one or two. Their lead combinations target obesity and are more effective with fewer side effects than Ozempic, the fastest growing drug of all time. Their custom ML built from real-world expertise and cutting edge AI searches trillions of combinations to find the perfect one.

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