In recent years, there has been a significant increase in research focusing on women’s health, addressing various conditions, and exploring innovative solutions to improve health outcomes. This round-up article presents an overview of the latest studies and their contributions to understanding and advancing women’s health.

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Women’s Health Research Summaries

1. Screening for Breast Cancer: A Comparative Review of Guidelines

Research Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

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This study reviews and compares the recommendations from various guidelines on breast cancer screening, highlighting the consensus and discrepancies among different organizations regarding mammographic screening for women at average and high risk.

Conditions Addressed: Breast cancer screening

2. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Chronic Pain Among Females and Individuals of Childbearing Age: A Scoping Review Research

Institution: Florida Atlantic University, Kaiser Permanente, University of Arizona

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This review explores research on the association between chronic pain and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), emphasizing the need for further investigation to improve symptom management and treatment options.

Conditions Addressed: Polycystic ovary syndrome, chronic pain

3. Pregnancy Intendedness Among Racial and Ethnically Minoritized Women with Disabilities

Research Institution: Brandeis University, University of Pittsburgh, Oregon Health & Science University

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This study analyzes data to estimate the prevalence of unintended pregnancy among women with disabilities, highlighting significant differences across racial and ethnic groups and emphasizing the need for targeted reproductive health interventions.

Conditions Addressed: Unintended pregnancy, disability, racial and ethnic disparities

4. Factors Influencing Women’s Health in Conflict Zones in Africa

Research Institution: Mangosuthu University of Technology, South Africa

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This study examines the factors that influence women’s health in conflict zones, identifying key determinants such as remittances, development assistance, and military expenditure.

Conditions Addressed: Women’s health, conflict zones, maternal health

5. Drivers of Anemia Reduction among Women of Reproductive Age in the Philippines: A Country Case Study

Research Institution: National Institutes of Health, University of Toronto

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This study investigates the determinants associated with the decline in anemia prevalence among women of reproductive age in the Philippines, emphasizing the role of nutrition programs and healthcare access.

Conditions Addressed: Anemia, reproductive age, nutrition programs

6. Efficacy and Safety of Eliapixant in Endometriosis-Associated Pelvic Pain: The Randomized Placebo-Controlled Phase 2b SCHUMANN Study

Research Institution: Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Duke University, McMaster University, Mayo Clinic

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This study evaluates the efficacy and safety of eliapixant in treating endometriosis-associated pelvic pain, finding no significant differences between treatment groups and highlighting safety concerns.

Conditions Addressed: Endometriosis-associated pelvic pain, eliapixant

7. Effects of Exercise on Sex Steroid Hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone) in Eumenorrheic Females: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Research Institution: University of Lahore

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This review analyzes the impact of exercise on sex steroid hormones in eumenorrheic females, finding significant effects on testosterone levels and highlighting the need for structured exercise protocols in future studies.

Conditions Addressed: Exercise, sex steroid hormones, eumenorrheic females

8. Changes in Prenatal Cannabis-Related Diagnosed Disorders After the Cannabis Act and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Quebec, Canada

Research Institution: McGill University, University of Sherbrooke

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This study assesses the impact of the Cannabis Act and the COVID-19 pandemic on the prevalence of cannabis-related disorders among pregnant women in Quebec, finding significant increases post-legislation.

Conditions Addressed: Prenatal cannabis use, Cannabis Act, COVID-19

9. The Association Between Reproductive History and Abdominal Adipose Tissue Among Postmenopausal Women: Results from the Women’s Health Initiative

Research Institution: University at Buffalo, Harvard University

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This study explores the relationship between reproductive history and abdominal adiposity in postmenopausal women, identifying significant associations with visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue levels.

Conditions Addressed: Reproductive history, abdominal adipose tissue, postmenopausal women

10. Barriers to Modern Contraceptive Use by Female Workers in Indonesia’s Urban Areas

Research Institution: National Research and Innovation Agency Republic of Indonesia, Universitas Airlangga, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Universitas Dian Nuswantoro

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This study analyzes the barriers to modern contraceptive use among female workers in Indonesia’s urban areas, identifying key factors such as age, marital status, wealth, and knowledge.

Conditions Addressed: Modern contraceptive use, female workers, Indonesia

11. The Associations and Causal Relationships of Ovarian Cancer: Construction of a Prediction Model

Research Institution: Guangdong Province

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This study explores the risk and protective factors for developing ovarian cancer and constructs a risk prediction model using logistic regression and a decision tree algorithm.

Conditions Addressed: Ovarian cancer, risk prediction, decision tree model

12. Psychological Distress and Uterine Fibroids: A Bidirectional Two-Sample Mendelian Randomization Study

Research Institution: BMC Women’s Health, China Medical University

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This study assesses the reciprocal causality between psychological disorders and uterine fibroids, indicating a significant causal relationship between major depressive disorder and the incidence of uterine fibroids.

Conditions Addressed: Psychological distress, uterine fibroids, Mendelian randomization

13. “It Feels Like Health Care With the Patient in Mind”: VA Patient and Staff Perspectives on Self-Collected HPV Testing

Research Institution: Veterans Health Administration

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This study examines VA patient and staff perspectives on self-collected HPV testing, highlighting its potential to improve trauma-informed preventive health care for veterans.

Conditions Addressed: HPV testing, self-collected tests, trauma-informed care

14. Addressing the Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease in Women: JACC State-of-the-Art Review

Research Institution: Mayo Clinic, University of Miami, University of Michigan

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This review addresses the global burden of cardiovascular disease in women, highlighting regional variations, knowledge gaps, and strategies to improve cardiometabolic health and outcomes.

Conditions Addressed: Cardiovascular disease, women’s health, global health

15. Endocannabinoid Levels in Female-Sexed Individuals with Diagnosed Depression: A Systematic Review

Research Institution: National Institutes of Health, University of Queensland

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This review evaluates evidence on endocannabinoid system levels in female-sexed individuals with depressive disorders, suggesting potential involvement in the pathogenesis and symptom severity of major depressive disorder.

Conditions Addressed: Endocannabinoid system, major depressive disorder, female-sexed individuals

16. Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting: A Survey of Child Abuse Pediatricians

Research Institution: Columbia University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

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This survey assesses the knowledge and attitudes of child abuse pediatricians in the US towards female genital mutilation and cutting, highlighting the need for additional training and culturally sensitive care.

Conditions Addressed: Female genital mutilation, child abuse pediatrics, immigrant health

17. Unmet Need for Family Planning Among Women Attending Primary Healthcare in Alahsa, Saudi Arabia

Research Institution: Family Medicine Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia

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This study measures the unmet need for family planning and contraceptive use among married Saudi women, identifying significant factors such as nulliparity and concerns about contraceptive side effects.

Conditions Addressed: Family planning, Saudi Arabia, contraception

18. Women’s Health and Rights in the Twenty-First Century

Research Institution: Ghent University, WHO, UNICEF

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This article explores the complex relationship between women’s health and rights, discussing challenges such as gender inequity, reproductive health disparities, and the impact of climate change.

Conditions Addressed: Women’s health, gender equity, reproductive rights

19. Development of an E-learning Program for Biofeedback in Pelvic Floor Muscle Training for Adult Women Using Self-Performed Ultrasound: An Observational Study

Research Institution: Jazan University

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This study develops and evaluates an e-learning program for biofeedback in pelvic floor muscle training using self-performed ultrasound, demonstrating its feasibility and effectiveness.

Conditions Addressed: Pelvic floor muscle training, urinary incontinence, e-learning

20. Symptoms of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and Cycle Phase Are Associated with Enhanced Facial Emotion Detection: An Online Cross-Sectional Study

Research Institution: Lakehead University

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This study investigates the effect of premenstrual dysphoric disorder symptoms on facial emotion detection, finding enhanced detection accuracy and intensity during the premenstrual phase.

Conditions Addressed: Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, facial emotion detection, menstrual cycle

Women’s Health Research Overview

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