With the ultimate goal of increasing pregnancy rates in infertile couples by up to 50%, Fertility Focus, the company behind OvuSense, has pioneered a new approach to infertility diagnosis and treatment for many years. After recently expanding the range of fertility monitoring products that work with the OvuSense app, the company has now announced a rebrand. To help distinguish between the fertility solutions, the fertility monitor known as OvuSense will now be called “OvuCore.” It is the same clinically proven, easy-to-use vaginal sensor that measures continuous core body temperature (cCBT). The umbrella brand name will now be OvuSense.

OvuSense is an most advanced cycle monitoring system, that can predict ovulation up to a day in advance in real time, and detects the exact date of ovulation with clinically proven 99% accuracy. OvuSense measures ‘core body’​ temperature while the user sleeps. Using patented software, OvuSense analyzes reproductive cycle patterns with extreme accuracy, to predict and detect ovulation – putting users back in control of their fertility. OvuSense helps to diagnose fertility issues and can successfully monitor fertility treatment, including medication or supplements.

FertiloScope is the second product in the Fertility Focus portfolio. It enables the early diagnosis and immediate treatment of a number of disorders of the female reproductive organs.

You can learn more about the recently announced rebrand here.

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