Mithra Pharmaceuticals and BCI Pharma, have announced promising preliminary data from their CSF-1R inhibitor program. The research indicates that Mithra’s lead CSF-1R inhibitor compound displays significant anti-tumor activity, and may work synergistically with PD-1 cancer immune checkpoint inhibitors.

The CSF-1R inhibitor demonstrated its efficacy in three preclinical cancer models, modulating the tumor microenvironment and potentially reducing tumor growth by up to 59%. The efficacy of the compound was further validated when combined with an anti PD1 therapeutic antibody in additional studies, notably achieving complete tumor regression in 50% of the test subjects in a triple negative breast cancer model.

Graham Dixon, Chief Scientific Officer of Mithra, commented: “We are encouraged that the lead CSF-1R inhibitor demonstrated efficacy as a single agent in 3 different preclinical cancer models and that the data suggest it may be synergistic when used in combination with PD-1 inhibitors. This provides a strong rationale supporting further development of CSF-1R inhibitors in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors. We look forward to further evaluating and advancing these promising small molecule therapeutic candidates.”

The partnership with BCI Pharma aligns with Mithra’s focus on endometriosis and cancers affecting women, and allows Mithra the option to acquire all rights to the series of CSF-1R inhibitors. This promising early research paves the way for further development of innovative cancer treatments in women’s health.

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