Talkspace and Ovia Health by Labcorp have announced the formation of the Women’s Health Coalition for Digital Solutions. This coalition aims to leverage technology and collaboration to address women’s diverse health needs.

The coalition, co-led by Talkspace and Ovia Health, includes founding members such as Conceive, Evernow, FitOn, Nurx, Cove, and Nutrium. These organizations aim to enhance women’s health through several key initiatives: integrating women’s health services, advocating for health equity in the workplace, providing resources to empower women, raising awareness about women’s health issues, and fostering innovation in health technology.

Natalie Cummins, Chief Business Officer at Talkspace, emphasizes the coalition’s mission to ensure access to high-quality, holistic healthcare for women: “Recognizing the connectedness of mental and physical health, as well as the market demand for comprehensive women’s health solutions, the Coalition furthers our mission to make mental health care more accessible by collaborating with the preeminent women’s health leaders in the digital health space.”

Corrinne Hobbs, General Manager and Vice President of Ovia Health, adds “We are proud to join forces with Talkspace and other leading digital health platforms to form the Women’s Health Coalition for Digital Solutions. Together, we will work to promote accessibility, affordability and empowerment in women’s healthcare.”

The coalition responds to significant disparities in healthcare costs and access. Employed women in the U.S. face higher out-of-pocket healthcare costs than men, and many women report skipping necessary medical care due to high costs. Improving workplace benefits is seen as a key strategy to close the gender health gap, which could add up to $1 trillion to the economy annually by 2040.

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