Wisp, a company working in sexual and reproductive health, has taken a step forward by launching a new fertility vertical aimed at supporting women through every stage of their reproductive health journey. Through this strategic move Wisp wants to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for women, especially those facing challenges in conceiving.

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Fertility is a crucial aspect of women’s reproductive health, with statistics revealing that 1 in 5 women of childbearing age struggle to conceive. Wisp’s new fertility services are designed to address this need by offering a range of products and services that assist birthers in their journey towards pregnancy. This initiative is part of Wisp’s broader mission to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions that are both cost-effective and accessible.

“As a company, we’re obsessed with listening to our patients and building new solutions that fit their needs, and launching fertility is addressing two major pain points our patients face. A recent survey we conducted found that 70% of our patients were interested in more education on fertility and products that help those trying to conceive,” said Monica Cepak, CEO of Wisp. “By providing at-home testing and medications that can help women conceive and potentially have them avoid costly IVF treatments, we are providing a valuable service to women at this stage in their life. By helping women through this pre-IVF phase or before other in-clinic assisted reproductive technology is needed, we are offering accessible options for what can often be a confusing and stressful time for women trying to conceive.”

To meet the increasing demand for fertility assistance, Wisp has entered into strategic partnerships with Proov and PherDal. Proov, known for its suite of at-home fertility hormone tests, and PherDal, creators of a sterile, at-home insemination kit, will expand Wisp’s product offerings. These partnerships will enable Wisp to provide Proov’s ovarian reserve and hormone testing kits, His/Hers fertility kits, and pregnancy tests. Additionally, Wisp patients will have exclusive telehealth access to PherDal’s FDA-cleared, 100% sterile at-home insemination kit.

In the near future, Wisp plans to further expand its services to include fertility consultations, at-home blood draws, and additional prescription medications, providing a comprehensive suite of options for women at various stages of their fertility journey.

“Fertility is a very personal journey for each patient. Wisp is working to make it easier to access the tools, treatments, and information you need to feel empowered and knowledgeable about your options,” said Dr. Jillian LoPiano, Wisp’s Chief Health Officer, MD, MPH, FACOG.

Wisp’s approach to patient care is designed to be hassle-free, judgment-free, and insurance-free. Through private online consultations, patients can receive over-the-counter treatments and prescriptions in an average of three hours, either via same-day pharmacy pickup or through free, discreet delivery across all 50 states.

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