Whiterabbit, an AI technology company focused on early breast cancer detection, has announced a new partnership with Solis Mammography, one of the largest independent providers of breast health and diagnostic services in the United States. After pilots in multiple markets demonstrated improvement in screening mammography bookings and patient compliance, the company implemented the ACT product at more than 70 centers. Through this new collaboration, Whiterabbit anticipates that Solis Mammography will not only be able to serve additional patients but will also be able to navigate healthier outcomes through increased compliance with annual mammograms.

ACT ingests and analyzes key demographic data points for eligible patients and automatically generates a targeted outreach strategy to motivate patients to schedule their screening mammograms. The product has driven an average of 20 percent year-over-year growth in screening exam volumes in over 300 breast health and diagnostic centers in the US since launching in 2018. Since its inception, the product has engaged more than two million women.

“Whiterabbit’s ACT technology will enable us to drive compliance with existing patients while continuing to deliver a compassionate, patient-focused experience,” said David Pyle, Chief Operating Officer of Solis Mammography. “While piloting the product across seven centers in two regions, we quickly saw the impact this tool could have on the women we serve. We are excited to put ACT to work to increase our operational effectiveness, extend our reach, and improve patient compliance, which is, of course our primary consideration.”

Whiterabbit’s CEO, Alexander Sardiña, MD, added, “Like Solis Mammography, Whiterabbit has had a patient-centric mindset since its origin. Now more than ever, we are laser-focused on getting women back in the door as the number of postponed mammograms throughout the pandemic is something we cannot ignore. Signing with Solis Mammography, a true leader in women’s health, validates the power of ACT in driving compliance and gets us one step closer to achieving our mission of making late-stage breast cancer a rarity – a mission we share with Solis Mammography.”


Whiterabbit contact
Michael Sullivan

Solis contact
Anne Warren

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