It appears the vaginal microbiome is having a bit of a moment. While scientists have recently created the “vagina on a chip” to better understand vaginal health and conditions, many startups are developing at-home test kits to help womxn better understand their vaginal microbiome.

We’re also seeing more and more advocacy for better education, and more research in this space especially when it comes to the possibilities of using the vaginal microbiome as a diagnostic biomarker. Spoiler: The opportunity here is HUGE.

So today we thought we’d take the opportunity for a bit of a deep-dive into the space. Read on for our “Vaginal Microbiome 101” and an introduction to a couple of startups we’re watching closely. 👀

🤔 First question: What even is the vaginal microbiome?

To start from the very beginning, a microbiome is a community of organisms that live in an environment. The vaginal microbiome is therefore the collection of bacteria and other organisms that live in the vagina and collaborate to keep it in a state of health. In order to keep it in a state of health, the vaginal microbiome needs to be balanced. If it is not, you’re prone to infections and other issues.

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