Psomagen, a CLIA-certified genetic analysis provider, is expanding its at-home testing services to include routine women’s health screening. This move began with The VProject, which is recruiting 1,000 women aged 18 and older in the United States to participate in a vaginal microbiome research study. For their involvement, participants receive a no-cost personalized test of their vaginal microbiome which can be used to understand the state of their vaginal health. As a way to express appreciation to the participants, Psomagen will also offer a no-cost gut microbiome test after the completion of the study.

The goal of the study is to gain more knowledge of the vaginal microbiome and help women take control of their health by understanding the factors behind certain conditions such as bacterial vaginosis and sexually transmitted infections.

“We believe our test can provide clinicians and patients with a more comprehensive understanding of the vaginal microbiome,” said Ryan Kim, CEO at Psomagen. “Our goal is to help women to be more proactive about their vaginal health by providing comprehensive information about potential pathogens and cervical cancer.”

Although the growth into women’s health is new to the company, the technology and science behind the analysis for these tests is familiar to its scientists.

“The process is similar to our gut microbiome analysis test, from sampling to sequencing, to delivery of results,” says Harold Nuñez, Ph.D., DTC General Manager at Psomagen. “But the results will be incredibly insightful for women since the vaginal microbiome is known to be linked to certain health conditions such as vaginal dysbiosis, infertility, and susceptibility to sexually transmitted diseases. This analysis will help us understand how lifestyle factors can impact the vaginal microbiome and women’s health overall.”

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