Co-founders Viktoria Elman and Sanna Dahlin. Image: VoiceHER

Stockholm-based VoiceHER is on a mission to make a change in the world by empowering women worldwide through their voice. The team was part of Antler Stockholm’s most recent cohort and wants to create a positive social platform that brings diverse women together for deep and meaningful conversations. VoiceHER is the first audio-based community for women with drop in conversations based on interest of the user/creator of the room. The key differentiator from other social platforms is that VoiceHER is audio-based, which gives women a safe place to open up, share with others and that lowers the barrier to participation. 

Using similar voicetech as Clubhouse, VoiceHER has chosen to build a social platform for women only. “Besides being two female founders with our own experiences being women, research and through user interviews, many women have the experience of feeling excluded, not being able to speak, fear of taking a seat at the table or suffering from mental illness. We also see major problems in the society where many women struggle with performance requirements and the “good-girl” syndrome”, says Viktoria Elman, co-founder and CEO.

VoiceHER was founded to be a place for women to connect, inspire, share about any topic, regardless of distance, appearance and other visual distractions. The app is currently in private beta for Android and iOS and will soft launch in the app store very soon.

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