In a move to bolster healthcare for women, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced a National Policy for Improving Women’s Health. This initiative, announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid aims to address critical health issues and improve overall healthcare services for women in the country.

The policy’s primary goals include reducing the number of deaths from cancer and decreasing the overall mortality rate among the female population. Additionally, it seeks to cut down on medical issues related to unhealthy lifestyles, such as obesity and lack of physical exercise.

Sheikh Mohammed, who is also the Vice President of the UAE, detailed these ambitious plans during the latest UAE Cabinet meeting held in Abu Dhabi. He emphasized the need for a collaborative approach involving both public and private sectors to enhance care levels and advance medical research.

“We approved the ‘National Policy for Improving Women’s Health’ in the UAE, to ensure providing the highest healthcare services quality for women, whether curative, preventive or rehabilitative services,” Sheikh Mohamed said, in remarks carried by the UAE Media Office. “All government and private sectors will work together to champion health research, to cultivate in the country the best environment that prioritises women’s health.”

The policy focuses on providing comprehensive healthcare services, including preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care, and aims to create an environment that prioritizes women’s health. This strategic initiative is part of a broader effort by the UAE government to address various sectors, including energy transition, health, food security, water security, technology, and cybersecurity.

The policy represents a crucial step in reducing the gender health gap in the UAE, and reflects global health trends and acknowledges the vital role of women’s health in the development and prosperity of a nation.

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