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TMRW Life Sciences is the creator of an automated specimen management platform for frozen eggs and embryos used for in vitro fertilization (IVF). Just months after TMRW’s commercial launch last year, the company has now announced that 12 additional clinics across the United States are adopting its technology.

TMRW’s automated platform replaces outdated tools by integrating state-of-the-art digital tracking, robotics, and 24/7 monitoring, removing multiple points of failure and potential risk, and streamlining lab workflow. Leading fertility clinics across the country are now adopting TMRW’s technology to pursue best-in-class laboratory safety and innovation. 

“We are proud to bring our technology to these incredible clinics and help them meet significantly increasing demand for their services. Hundreds of millions of children will be conceived via IVF in the coming decades, almost all of them using eggs and embryos which were once frozen. Only with technology and automation, can clinics safely scale to enable this future growth,” said Tara Comonte, Chief Executive Officer of TMRW. “With clinics placing patient experience front and center, and those patients increasingly better informed and educated about the fertility process, we believe each will demand the safety and security of TMRW technology. Having ‘TMRW Inside’ the IVF experience is becoming a prerequisite for leading clinicians and patients alike.”

Clinics implementing the TMRW specimen management platform include RMA New York (RMA NY) across multiple locations; Reproductive Partners Medical Group (RPMG) in Irvine, CA; the Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science (IRMS) in Livingston, NJ; Laurel Fertility Care in San Francisco, CA; Reproductive Fertility Center (RFC) of Irvine, Corona, and Beverly Hills, CA; Illume Fertility, formerly RMA CT, in Norwalk, CT; Utah Fertility Center in Pleasant Grove, UT; and Idaho Fertility Center in Idaho Falls, ID. In addition, Boston IVF in Waltham, MA, an early TMRW adopter with a sizable multi-state network, is expanding access to TMRW’s technology across their growing national footprint.

“TMRW brings state-of-the-art technology to an area of the reproductive lab that has been slower to innovate. TMRW’s automation, HIPAA-compliant data encryption, and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology create an entirely new standard of care and safety for the tracking, managing, and storing of frozen eggs and embryos,” says Dr. Serena H. Chen, Founding Partner of IRMS.

TMRW’s technology is already operational in renowned clinics across the country, including Vios Fertility Institute/Kindbody in Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO; Boston IVF (BIVF) in Waltham, MA; CCRM Fertility in Denver, CO; San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC) in San Diego, CA; Conceptions in Littleton, CO.  Most clinics adopting TMRW are part of an extensive clinic network, laying the foundation for ongoing expansion across the rest of their footprint for future access to the TMRW technology.

“Boston IVF was one of the first adopters of TMRW’s technology as we implement best-in-class solutions that prepare us for our next phase of growth.  It’s time for a new standard of care to manage these increasing numbers of frozen eggs and embryos. TMRW represents the gold standard,” said David Stern, CEO of Boston IVF.

TMRW’s platform provides unique digital identification for a patient’s frozen eggs and embryos and complete traceability of their locations while in cryostorage. In addition, the platform offers 24/7 remote monitoring and HIPAA-compliant software, giving complete peace of mind to both clinics and their patients. A time, motion, and risk study conducted with several leading clinics identified that the TMRW platform eliminates multiple points of potential failure across existing manual workflows.

“I have been an embryologist for more than 20 years and am committed to creating solutions that reduce the stress, risk, and inefficiencies that the existing tools present today. Quite simply, it’s time for a better way,” said Cynthia Hudson, Vice President, Clinical Strategy at TMRW. “Here at TMRW, after almost four years of research, development, and testing with TMRW technologists collaborating closely with many of the leading IVF clinicians in the world, our platform was truly created ‘by embryologists for embryologists’, tailored to clinic needs using cutting-edge technology, tracking and automation in cryo specimen management. We partner with leading clinics to allow their clinical teams to focus on patient care, which is what they do best.”

TMRW Life Sciences will launch in the United Kingdom later this year.

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