Thrive, a value-driven agency specializing in powerful health and behavior change content, campaigns and programs has recently released a new report discussing “how femtech and other digital platforms can overcome barriers to health access”.

Even in the UK with a public health system that guarantees care for all, there are critical barriers still stopping women accessing face-to-face health services and information.

Thrive’s report highlights:

  • Why concern about the quality of online information impacts how women use digital platforms
  • How diverse authorship is key to providing higher quality, more relevant information
  • The importance of understanding how women engage with digital resources in order to create platforms that meet their needs

Curious? Download Thrive’s free report today! 👇

Interested in learning more? Thrive is organizing a webinar where expert speakers explore some of the topic in this report on Feb 2, 2022. Register now to claim your free ticket for the event.

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